Even Santa can benefit from email archiving solutions

By Sonian
In Channel
December 26, 2012

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Email archiving solutions are being deployed in businesses around the world, but one of the most ideal candidates for the service may be Santa Claus, according to Kim Dunn, a Business 2 Community contributor. Although it seems an amusing parallel, Santa's use of email archiving could help him bring bigger and better toys to children around the world.

Dunn reported that Santa is a decent candidate for a software upgrade, even though he doesn't work in a very regulated field that requires compliance. Education and healthcare institutions are at risk for lawsuits, but Santa usually gets off the hook, unless he accidentally creates a dangerous toy. Even still, an email archiving solution would help Santa store, record and organize all of his information as he strives to bring presents to children around the world.

One of the chief benefits of email archiving is the ability to store and easily search for information. If Santa needs to find what he gave Billy last year, he can search for "Billy 2011" to find out whether or not Billy received a new video game or a bike. Instead of rifling through pages and pages of ancient messages, Santa can easily search the archive for information.

Additionally, Santa can search from his sleigh, whether he's in Vietnam, Mozambique or Canada. Cloud email archiving offers remote capabilities that are unmatched, so Santa can comb his email archive for information about how to troubleshoot Rudolph's red nose, just in case it burns out. Santa's busy elves won't have to forego toy-making to search for email messages. Instead, they can be found quickly and efficiently, thanks to an email archive.

According to CNN, Twitter has also released an archive tool, demonstrating the need for these tools for Santa, enterprise leaders, consumers and everyone else. "You make Twitter what it is. And if you tweet, you may have found yourself wanting to go back in time and explore your past Tweets," said Mollie Vandor of Twitter's engineering team in a blog post. If Santa sent out multiple Tweets in 2004 about which children were allergic to chocolate oranges, he may need to use a Twitter archive to find out information to fill stockings with a safer alternative.

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