Cloud computing demands continue to grow in the enterprise

By VAR_Staffing
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December 26, 2012

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You would be hard-pressed to find a technology that made more headlines in the business world in 2012 than cloud computing. From it's ability to improve the efficiency of remote workers to its disaster recovery implications, the cloud has moved out of the sky and is becoming a major player in the corporate landscape. Because of the growing demand for the technology, IT Principals are feeling the pressure to find the right personnel to manage it.

The cloud has changed from being a luxury item and to a must-have business application. According to a recent study from IDC, enterprises spend $40 billion on the technology by the end of the year. That number is expected to rise to $100 billion by the year 2016.

A recent article by Eric Knorr for InfoWorld examines how cloud technology has changed over the last few years and what the future of the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) market could be. According to Knorr, PaaS is offering a multitude of tools that companies can use to handle a number of tasks.

"I think we'll see a significant increase in enterprise PaaS adoption in 2013 – just not by core enterprise developers," wrote Knorr. "Instead, at the departmental level, those frustrated with the slow pace of enterprise app dev will turn to PaaS to create the apps they need on their own. This is probably already happening more than enterprise IT knows."

It feels as though full cloud adoption by the business world is inevitable. IT Principals need to ensure they have reliable resources at their disposal to handle the growing demand the technology is creating. VARs and MSPs can become important partners for tech decision-makers. Those Solution Providers that have partnered with VAR Staffing can rise above the fray and become the cream of the crop.

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