As enterprises implement the cloud, email archiving considered

By Sonian
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December 21, 2012

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Enterprises are recognizing the need for cloud-based tools that can improve their businesses, which is why many of them are considering options for email archiving and cloud storage. Host Analytics recently released the results of a survey which asked 327 business leaders, including CIOs, stakeholders and executives, what they thought about adoption of the cloud. The results revealed that enterprises are ready to adopt the cloud, with 95 percent of CIOs reporting that they want IT specialists to be well-versed in cloud tools.

Those who aren't quite ready to adopt new technology should turn to Host Analytics data about the cloud, as it shows that most seek better compliance requirements as well as better value. Fourteen percent of enterprises have not updated their software in four years, showing that some are behind on cloud computing and other tends. CIOs and business executives differed on where their priorities were, but both seemed to agree that cloud tools such as email archiving can benefit businesses.

With cloud-based services set to enter enterprises if they have not already, CIOs should consider deploying email archiving and cloud storage capabilities, possibly as a first step. Because email archiving stores and files emails, it doesn't interfere with tasks in the same way that cloud email, cloud BI or another platform available via the cloud might.

Use email archiving to protect enterprise
According to Kim Dunn, a Business 2 Community contributor, failing to save emails through email archiving software can be detrimental to businesses. Emails need to be saved so they can be used down the line in case of eDiscovery or other legal matters.

With so many emails being sent through cyberspace, it's essential that CIOs, business executives and IT leaders make sure that messages that are sent and received are stored somewhere. The cloud is a good option because it allows for email to be managed by a third-party source and includes advanced search capabilities.

Being able to search for an email in a cloud solution is much more efficient than looking through a multitude of emails. It also frees up space on in-house servers so that other applications and software can be implemented and prioritized. As the cloud becomes more popular, it is essential to deploy email archiving software.

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