Email archiving and email audit – what's the difference?

By Sonian
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December 18, 2012

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Email archiving software is being used in a multitude of organizations to manage the outpouring of email as the communication tool grows and changes. Emails are sent multiple times per day by employees looking for speedy communication, and email archiving can help organizations keep track of so many messages, especially those that are sent with official intent. Email auditing also exists when messages need to be found for legal purposes, but these efforts can be made more efficient with the help of email archiving.

Archiving solutions for email and files are a way to protect businesses, as the systems allow for messages and documents to be saved for a number of years, protecting enterprises in legal matters

Keeping track of old messages
Email archiving solutions allow for a company to store and keep track of its old messages so that they can be used for eDiscovery down the line, but email auditing is also used by enterprises when they're in a jam. Email archiving allows for an easy, automated solution that can provide security to organizations that see many emails sent and received. If certain information needs to be found, an enterprise's legal team may bring in a team of email auditors when messages or information have to be located quickly.

Email archiving leads to more efficient email audits
According to Kim Dunn, a contributor to Business 2 Community, email archiving solutions can help facilitate faster email audits. If an email archiving solution is in place, the third-party doing the email audit is likely to have an easier time, reported Dunn. The delivery of email auditing is usually more complex, as email archiving offers an automatic solution that can facilitate cloud search. Search tools within email archiving can provide ease when information needs to be found.

School systems turn to email archiving
Montgomery News reported that the Centennial School Board has recently implemented a new email management solution that includes archiving tools. It's not just enterprises that can benefit from updated solutions, but government organizations and school systems. With so many students, teachers, parents and administrators sending messages all the time, it's important to have an adequate storage system that can support the organization. The school system needed increased storage and a better way to search for emails in the system. The school's IT department recognized that an email archiving solutions could help.

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