2013 IT opportunities to increase Solution Provider adoption

By VAR_Staffing
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December 18, 2012

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

Each new technological innovation that hits the market and changes the way levels of businesses operate means there is more knowledge that IT departments need to acquire. The coming years are going to see more practices and gadgets have to be integrated by IT Principals. Without the right resources to aid in this process, these businesses could be in trouble.

A recent article from tech blog The VAR Guy examines some of the top technology challenges that IT Principals will be dealing with in 2013. The piece predicts that next year will be filled with opportunities for the channel partner community. Cyber conflicts and cloud attacks will become more prevalent as those practices become the norm in the corporate realm.

This is because of the shift toward the cloud and the complete virtualization of small and mid-sized businesses becomes more common. However, for IT Principals to handle the upcoming challenges, proper resources are vital.

The continued desire to find the top talent has lead to an increase in permanent position hiring. According to an article from CRN, 68 percent of IT job postings on Monster.com are for permanent placement. The piece is based off an interview conducted with VAR Staffing's own Mark Bier and Todd Billiar.

According to the duo, top talent has never been in greater demand. Enterprises are using everything from internships to contract work to permanent part- and full-time hiring to bring in needed personnel. Not only that, but the pair has noticed a shift from the enterprise toward VARs and MSPs as companies look to move to the cloud, reduce their footprint and cut costs.

"We see an amazing demand for talent in the integrator space, the VAR space, the solution provider space," Bier said. "The strongest IT talent, the top technical talent, is moving away from enterprise, more toward working for the integrator community."

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