Managed Services Workshop Coming To Washington, DC

By Stuart_R_Crawford
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December 15, 2012

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Managed Services Complimentary Workshop – Coming to Washington, DC

Washington, DC – Your next MSP Workshop!!!!

Are you happy with the amount of opportunities your MSP is receiving from your marketing efforts?

Do you have a sales process that your sales professionals are following and closing more than 80% of their opportunities?

Does your website generate the amount of leads you hoped for?

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event on March 14, 2013.

  • Are you happy with the amount of opportunities your MSP is receiving from your marketing efforts?
  • How do you stand out from the noise?
  • Is your website generating the amount of leads you hoped for?
  • Are you sales professionals generating opportunities for your business?
  • Do you have a sales process that works?
  • Getting beat up over price and losing business to your competitors?

Get all your questions answered with Ulistic’s one day complimentary managed services training workshop in Dallas, TX.

MSP business coach and sales/marketing specialist Stuart Crawford invites you to attend this great one day managed services workshop focused on providing you with strategies and tactics to grow your MSP now.  During this MSP training workshop you will learn:

  • Effective Marketing Strategies for your MSP business with little or no investment of your hard-earned capital
  • How you can making telemarketing calls and use your inside sales resources to generate leads immediately
  • How to use email marketing effectively.
  • Develop a repeatable sales process that you can use for every opportunity and increase your close ratio by 80%
  • Create harmony with your sales and technical teams by having them work together to grow your business
  • When faced with objections, learn how to overcome objections and close business, every time
  • Help your sales professionals win by developing their personal marketing strategy

In order for your MSP to succeed, you must have the right training and a coach in your corner to help you.

During this day-long complimentary MSP business development training in Dallas, TX, we guarantee that you will walk away with many new tactics and strategies that will enable you to market your MSP effectively and create a difference with the community, your business, your employees and, most important, yourself.

We will also discuss with you:

  • Turning your MSP website into a lead generation machine
  • Mastering referral marketing and getting the leads you need from your strategic partners
  • How theme-based marketing events draw people in and how to run a successful MSP marketing event
  • Using the media to create natural attraction in the marketplace
  • Do telemarketers really work?

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