Top Dell Partners continue to win through Strategic Dell relationship

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
December 13, 2012

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

When it comes to success in business, timing is everything, especially when the market is prime for you to capitalize on opportunity.

This week I have been fortunate to attend the Dell World conference in Austin, TX and the biggest takeaway for me is how the best partners are working together with Dell and winning opportunities in abundance.

During the morning keynote on the last day, iland’s Dante Orsini, VP Business Development spoke about how iland is winning alongside with Dell and the Dell EqualLogic product line.  iland was recently awarded the VMWare Global Partner of the Year for the work they are doing in the virtualization and data center space. How does a company like iland win with Dell?  Simple really, it is about being engaged and going to market together.  They have a proven track record of success and they invest in being the best they can be with Dell in their corner.

However, for many, that positive outcome is missing. The comments are in abundance on my personal Facebook account at from the naysayers on how Dell continues to deal directly with their customer base. Did you notice the keyword there? CUSTOMER!

Managed Services Providers who continuously referred to the people they serve as CUSTOMERS do not understand the not-so-secret recipe of KNOW-LIKE-TRUST. KLT is what allows you as the client-trusted IT advisor to take a relationship to the next level and thus not feel threatened by a Dell phone call to a client.

From what I have seen and experienced this week at Dell World, the timing is perfect for Managed Services Providers to team up and work with Dell in a go-to-market strategy. Speaking with executives from ES Williams over some great Texas BBQ solidifies to me how the leading Dell partners are winning through their strategic Dell relationship. ES Williams provides IT services across Alberta and leads with Dell solutions when working with their SMB and enterprise clients. They see Dell as an extension to their team and crucial to their overall success.

Need more proof? Ted Garner, the mastermind behind one of Canada’s top IT consulting firms shared this blog post with me the other day on how their Dell rep contributes to the success of IT Weapons, read here.

So why do these top IT service organizations succeed when others struggle? I believe it starts with attitude. These organizations and many others have the attitude where Dell is strategic and an ally. They do not buy into the hype of “Dell is the enemy”, which is not true, according to all the Dell executives I have spoken with during Dell World 2012 and all the partners who rave about their excellent relationship with Dell in their corner.

My top recommendation for managed service providers who struggle with understanding how Dell fits into their offerings or even for those “non-fans”, is to understand how you can align strategically with Dell. The message I got this week was that the doors are open and all are welcome to join the PartnerDirect family. It is up to you, the MSP to take the next step.

Learn more about Dell PartnerDirect at for Canadian, Australian can  go to and US Partners can visit

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