Basic tasks consume one-third of IT departments’ time

By VAR_Staffing
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December 13, 2012

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With each new technological innovation that hits the IT channel, decision makers are forced to incorporate more devices into its infrastructure.

According to a new report from business and IT research firm Quocirca, IT staffs are spending 30 percent of their time carrying out basic tasks like responding to minor user incidents, carrying out routine procedures or checking errors. On top of this, IT managers admitted that their IT operations staff members only use 50 percent of their qualifications.

The report added that IT managers are more frustrated about the poor use of skills than about the process it takes to get employees using those tools in the first place. It is such a problem that many companies have accepted that overqualified talent will need to perform day-to-day tasks.

"The ineffectiveness of many IT operations will spiral out of control if action is not taken to improve the way they are managed," reads the report. "Putting in place the necessary IT management tools, services and procedures to maximize automation and to industrialize processes will address this and reduce skills wastage. The ultimate value will be the ability to efficiently manage the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure, while delivering new applications that will ensure a business remains competitive."

That is where reliable Solution Providers can come into play. IT infrastructures are largely the same in many businesses regardless of industry and there is a potential for deploying standardized tools to automate tasks. With basic processes handled, IT departments can focus on transformational work.

IT Principals that have a strong relationship with VARs and MSPs can set up systems that manage the simple tasks. VAR Staffing can help these Solution Providers have the impactful talent needed to help any company's IT department focus on innovation.

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