What DELL means to me.

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
December 12, 2012

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

DELL IS THE BESTMany who know me also know that I am a very strong advocate for DELL and all the great things that DELL has done in the channel. Often overshadowed by negative PR over the years, many of my peers have rode alongside me, supporting the great things DELL does to help managed service providers. And some still really haven’t embraced DELL as a partner to build a robust business on.

Since 1997, I personally have sold over $10 million of DELL product. They have never done anything to betray my trust and have never attempted to steal business away.

I owe the folks at DELL and especially DELL Canada a huge thank you for providing me the tools to have a wonderful business in Calgary and create a lifestyle to be proud of.

I am en route to my first ever DELL World event in Austin, Texas. It has been over three years since my active duty in the managed services business, but DELL continues to be a strong ally for us at Ulistic. True, we have expanded our platforms to embrace the Apple product line, but when it comes to the PC platform DELL continues to lead the charge for us.

What do I expect to achieve at DELL World this week in Austin? My first goal is to learn more about what DELL is doing to help managed services providers here in North America and for MSPs globally. Ulistic’s primary goal is to always put the needs of our clients and the MSP community before our own. So that is number one, get information to help our clients do more with DELL.

The second goal for Ulistic this week is to reconnect with the DELL PartnerDirect folks. It is time to navigate this vibrant community again. People move on, even though some of the key players continue to hold down similar roles, many have been reassigned within the company, so it is time to reconnect.

I will blog daily on DELL World and offer insight for managed services providers who are established DELL partners or for those who are partners but do it quietly and also for those who are still looking for a great partner to work with.

Thanks to the team at DELL Canada for the invite to DELL World this week in Austin. Stay tuned folks.

You will also find coverage of DELL World and what DELL is doing in the channel on channelbuzz.ca.

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