Four Things to Tell Yourself to Make You Feel More Resilient

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
December 12, 2012

Kat / Vertical Axion


Bad things happen.

But you already knew that, right? Even the best of us, or the most stable of us, suffer from mishaps. Some of us handle this in stride, rise above, and move on with our lives.

Some of us, however, suffer in big ways because we are simply unable to accept that stuff happens that we can’t control. This includes outside events, things that are over and done with, and what people think. Because of this “stuck” feeling, focusing on things that are right in front of us and are much easier to control becomes secondary to the things that cannot be reversed.

Just in case you are wondering, the four things you can actually change are: your attitude, your beliefs, your emotions and your OWN behavior.

The most important thing out of all of these is your beliefs. These have the most influence over your choices, your ability to be flexible, and most importantly, your resilience. What you believe will affect the other three things you can change, resulting in a better you, a better leader, and a more focused person.

Focused people are the ones that succeed, after all.

Here are a couple of things you can start telling yourself today (even if it might feel silly).

Today’s success is useless if you do not continuously move forward and focus on the end goal. Today’s awesome success can be tomorrow’s failure if you’re not careful. Don’t downplay your success, but make sure it doesn’t get to your head.

I will learn tons if I fail – and in fact, I’ll learn more from failing than I would from succeeding anyway. Every time you fail at something, you receive an opportunity to live and learn. Is it difficult? Yes. But absolutely necessary to move up, up, and away from the mistake you made.

My words mean something. If I’m about to say something that doesn’t uplift me or those around me, I should stay quiet. Even if you have good intentions, saying things that doesn’t move you or your team towards your goal of success will always do more damage than simply leaving it as a thought.

I am happy because I am happy, not because others are unhappy or happy around me. If someone’s unkind to you, that doesn’t give you any reason to be unkind to yourself. So what if they say a service or product you have to offer isn’t worth its weight in lead? It doesn’t matter. You’re responsible for your own happiness and success; make sure you move on from that negativity as fast as you can.

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