Email archiving solutions to aid enterprises, including the MLB

By Sonian
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December 12, 2012

Kayla Krause / Sonian

The cloud is becoming more widely accepted as an IT solution, and so is email archiving. Many enterprises are turning to cloud storage, email archiving, big data storage and other solutions as departments seek to improve existing IT infrastructures. There is so much information circulating in organizations, proving the need for solutions that can accommodate communication needs.

The MLB uses an email archive
According to an InfoWorld case study, the Cleveland Indians chose to deploy an email archiving solution to deal with email messages. The team saw a substantial number of messages coming in and going out, resulting in the need for an archiving solution that could accommodate email. The cloud archiving system has helped the team make significant gains, allowing the IT department to focus on other issues besides combing through old emails, reported the news source.

Organizations that deploy email archiving solutions consistently report that these storage enhancements free up resources and allow IT departments to deal with more pressing and important issues than looking for messages. Later on, these solutions can help when it comes to disagreements, contracts and issues of law that may be brought up in court. The ability of an email archiving solution to save time and money is a significant benefit that is not to be ignored.

Social media archiving
Many believe in the benefits of email archiving, which is why some companies are working to develop ways to store messages from social media platforms. According to Forbes, some companies are seeing the amount of emails decreasing due to the rise of social media platforms, mobile apps and other new technologies that facilitate communications.

As matters of eDiscovery become more widely used as evidence in courts of law, enterprises are working to ensure that they will be safe. Cloud archiving solutions are an easy way to save outdated information. Forbes reported that social media is becoming mainstream, so it may need to be archived along with email messages, just to be safe.

With some social media sites seeing unexpected and unprecedented growth rates enterprises and developers are working to develop and deploy archiving solutions to ensure that what is deleted can be adequately saved and stored.

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