Don’t Insult Your Loyal Customers on Accident

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
December 12, 2012

Kat / Vertical Axion


So there’s a story out right now about a company that was very loyal to their hosted email service team. They had been with the email service team from the stages of their mutual infancy, and both companies have grown throughout the past ten years or so. The company absolutely adores their hosted email representatives and has never even considered straying or changing to a less expensive service.

Here is the kind of relationship you should be striving for. You want companies and individuals who are so loyal to you that not even better prices would ever take them away from you.

However, there’s unfortunately more to this story.

The company that’s been loyal forever somehow finds out that new customers are getting a different version of the program. Not only is it different, it’s a newer, faster, better version of the email service. But this isn’t a yesterday sort of upgrade. The new customers have been getting this new version of the program for almost a year.

As soon as the loyal company asked the email company if they, too, could get this upgraded version, the email company did not hesitate to upgrade them for free. They also said that they were in the middle of upgrading everyone else as well, but the process had simply taken a little longer than they expected. But the email service company had never informed any of their old customers of this new launch or their intentions to upgrade anyone.

Even though they were more than attentive when asked, the loyal company was still upset and hurt that they weren’t the first to receive the new version of the email system.

The damage was already done.

Don’t treat your past, or original, customers as inferior on accident. Respect the relationship that you have formed with them. Remember, they were the ones that trusted you when no one else did. They’ll always be with you – unless you give them a reason not to be.


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