Work with Anticipation Instead of Anxiety

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
December 7, 2012

Kat / Vertical Axion


Anxiety is often experiencing a failure in advance. We can see how anticipation, experiencing a success before it happens, is the opposite.

Anticipation is an excellent motivational tool. Let’s say you want to go to Hawaii in the summer. You know if you meet certain goals, you’ll actually get to go (and you can take whomever you want). It will help you push yourself as hard as you can. It will help you be bold, help you to branch out, and create “art” in your field. If you are to earn that trip to Hawaii, you might as well build something that is actually worth building, right? Maybe you aren’t even building it for Hawaii. Maybe you’re building something because you want to be proud of it.

Anxiety is something much different. A lot of the time it means that deadlines creep up on you and rush by before you can get a grip on what you should be doing. You’re constantly at your wit’s end, and even though you’re working hard and getting things done, you don’t feel satisfied. You’re always seeking self-fulfillment. The worst thing about working with anxiety is that you always feel like you should be playing is safe so when something fails, it wasn’t your fault. You remain blameless, but consistently unsatisfied.

So what do you think is better? Which would you rather work with? Which would be more fun for you?

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