Study: IT departments increase efficiency of business operations

By VAR_Staffing
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December 7, 2012

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The importance of technology in today's business world is changing the way that many companies view their IT departments. Tech companies are no longer hidden in the corner waiting to fix a broken computer, but are instead helping to push company efficiency.

A joint global survey conducted by Juniper Networks and the Economist Intelligence Unit found that over half of businesses rely primarily on IT departments to increase efficiency of their operations.

The report was issued following the survey from 474 respondents from Germany, Japan the U.K. and the United States. The highest-performing companies – those who report their financial performance is stronger than their peers – identify a different role for IT in many areas.

According to the results, 20 percent more of the high-performing companies say technology played a very strong role in their organization's financial performance. On top of that, 11 percent strongly agree that the IT function can support business growth by identifying new market opportunities.

"We must embrace disruptive technologies such as cloud and mobile that are propelling business growth to create an opportunity for IT to step out of a support function into a more strategic role," said Bask Iyer, the senior vice president and CIO of Juniper Network. "By creating new products and services and identifying new market opportunities, IT can truly transform and technologically enable the business."

IT Principals view the IT function as the traditional role of improving process efficiency, but for this to be the case, proper resources are required. VARs and MSPs can ensure that IT decision-makers have the impactful talent available to push a business to a whole new level.

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