Earn a FREE Copy of the New Managed Services in a Month Book (Limited Time Offer)

By Karl_Palachuk
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December 7, 2012

Karl Palachuk / Karl Palachuk


Want to earn a FREE copy of the latest edition of

Managed Services in a Month?


Here’s all you have to do:

1. Create a video endorsing the book Managed Services in a Month. Your endorsement can be based on the first edition.
Your video must display the URL managedservicesinamonth.com with a link to this site.
2. Upload your video to You Tube or another video sharing site.
3. Promote your video on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or your blog.
4. Fill out the form below so we can verify your work.


That’s it! We’ll send you a free copy of the new edition.

Limited Time Offer: More info Here.

Why Are We Doing This?

Managed Services in a MonthThis is obviously a lame publicity stunt. Here’s the idea:
– Google loves video.
– Video plus in-bound links are juicy good SEO!
– I hope this campaign will result in dozens (or hundreds) of in-bound links to my site.
Most people won’t do this!
Let’s be honest, you might not want to spend all that effort to save $24.95 plus shipping. That’s cool. I understand.
But it will be fun and you get some karma points as well.
Giving Away Books is a Good Investment
If I bought $500 of Google ads plus $500 worth of Facebook ads, I would sell some books. But if I gave away $1,000 worth of free books, I will sell books AND have a whole bunch of in-bound endorsements.
So think about it. This offer won’t last forever!

How to add my URL to your video:

Thank You!

– Karl


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