Learn to Let Go to Find True Success

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
December 5, 2012

Kat / Vertical Axion


What do you think about when you think about success? I know what I think about. I think about big houses, backyards, a Lexus, and tons of cash to blow on whatever I please. Unfortunately, thinking this way is ignoring the fact that I can only be successful when I learn to let go.

What does this mean? You’re human, and that means you have the ability to do many things. You can do absolutely anything, but that doesn’t mean you can do everything. Every single decision you make affects your future. Every ‘yes’ you dole out is a thousand ‘no’s’ to other projects, opportunities, and possibilities.

If you’re going to be successful pursuing the future you want, you can’t waste what precious time and energy you have thinking about what could have happened if you had made a different decision. You can only achieve greatness when you let go of all of those other directions that you missed out on.

Consider the scenario of a boss and a team of six. When the boss micromanages, do you think anything really gets done? Effective managers learn to delegate to their team. Those who micromanage wind up being stressed, and their teams often have no idea how to do anything without assistance (which just contributes to the stress).

So take some time today and let go of what could have been and look at what is. What can you fix today? How can you adjust your business to be more oriented around success?

Remember, whatever success you do come across will result from letting go, moving on, and keeping the bigger picture in mind.

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