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By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
December 4, 2012

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

MSP SEO StrategiesHey MSP…time to stop worrying about SEO and focus on providing knowledge.

Here is what Matt Cutts said in August at the San Francisco SES event.

“…clearly mentioned that one of the key focuses for Google is to move away from being a search engine and focus on becoming a knowledge engine. Google is so committed to this that Google’s Search Quality team has been renamed to Google’s Knowledge Team.” (Source)

What does this mean to your MSP?  What knowledge are you sharing?  Or are you just spraying the same junk every other MSP is saying because you have some service that you pay a few hundred dollars a month for…and you are not getting the results you expect?  Wonder why?  I know why.

Clients of Ulistic know I harp on this a lot, I am almost over the top…but there is a reason why I harp on my clients for examples of the work they are doing at their clients…some get and some don’t…quality content focused on what matter most to clients is the knowledge that you can share.  Write about solutions, how you help people and the vendors/products you are certified in.  So when a prospect is looking for an IT service provider who has taken care of business like theirs…guess what, you are there for them to click on.

Make it a routine to publish a client success story or technical review at least…ONCE PER WEEK.  Did you hear me?  EVERY WEEK!

Guys, it takes 10 minutes to write and about 30 minutes to edit…what excuse do you have today?

Ask Carl Fransen at CTECH Consulting Group about the importance of client success stories, he will tell you about the importance of press releases, case studies, technical overview documents and other web content focus on his client base.

Need help?  I am here for you.

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