Corporations strive to adopt the cloud, but legal issues interfere

By Sonian
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December 3, 2012

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Cloud-based services such as cloud storage and cloud archiving are being deployed in enterprises as CIOs recognize the cost benefits and quality offerings, but legal issues are interfering with cloud adoption. Email archiving is a significant benefit when it comes to legal concerns, as the ability to save messages can prevent against future lawsuits. E-discovery has emerged as a primary reason to deploy email archiving solutions. Even still, legal regulations surrounding the cloud are arising as companies neglect to take responsibility for their offerings.

Cloud vendors neglecting to take responsibility
According to Computerworld, some cloud vendors are not offering substantial support for their offerings, making it difficult for enterprise leaders to sign on to solutions.

"I read the clause saying the service provider would bear no liability for anything that went wrong with its service, and even if something did go wrong, my client would still be responsible," said Janine Anthony Bowen, an intellectual property lawyer at Jack Attorneys & Advisors, about the first time she had to look over a cloud computing contract. If cloud providers are unwilling to be accountable for issues regarding their offerings, CIOs are understandably likely to be tentative about signing on.

The news source reported that companies looking to deploy cloud services should work carefully with their legal departments to ensure that solutions are implemented safely. By working together, solutions can be selected and found that benefit the enterprise as a whole, preventing loss of data and choosing vendors who are willing to claim responsibility.

Email archiving a crucial solution
According to CIO Today, email archiving is essential moving forward, making it important to find a way to marry legal issues with the best solutions. According to Rory Welch, CEO of an email archiving provider, there are a multitude of reasons why organizations should turn to archiving solutions in the coming year.

As 2012 draws to a close, it's a good time to consider whether the software and systems in place can adequately support technological initiatives. In the new year, email archiving solutions and other cloud-based services can be implemented to increase productivity and improve processes. EDiscovery is a primary reason why email archiving solutions are essential as technology continues to advance and more messages get sent through cyberspace.

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