Business decision-makers taking cloud away from IT Principals

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December 3, 2012

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Many are familiar with the phrase "too many cooks in the kitchen." It's an old saying that still holds true for a number of different scenarios. Whenever too many people toss their opinion on the table, confusion can happen and tensions rise.

Companies see this when it's time to invest in new business solutions. In the case of cloud computing, IT department had previously found themselves at the helm. However, as the effect of the  technology on the bottom line has become more apparent, business teams are starting to take over.

In a recent study by Capgemini, an IT consulting firm, 460 IT leaders and senior business managers at large worldwide companies – over 10,000 employees – found that 45 percent of organizations now have individual business units responsible for cloud strategies.

Ron Tolido, the senior vice president and CTO of application at Capgemini, was interviewed by Computer World about the survey. According to Tolido, the real cloud evangelists seem to be on the business side and are no longer technology driven.

"The initiative for driving cloud solutions is shifting from the IT department to the business unit as companies focus more on tangible business value," said Tolido. "The cloud has rapidly established a new benchmark in terms of how easy, quick and flexible solutions should be available to the business, and it puts the alignment between business and IT in a whole new perspective."

According to the survey, the three main business drivers for cloud adoption are reducing costs, decreased time to market and operational efficiencies. On top of that, 88 percent of companies say it's the economic climate that is driving them towards the cloud.

While who is in charge of cloud technology may be changing, IT Principals still need to ensure they have the right resources and personnel in place to manage the technology properly. VARs and MSPs that have partnered with VAR Staffing can become the go-to resource to help implement cloud strategies.

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