Pay close attention to email retention

By Sonian
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November 30, 2012

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Email archiving solutions are necessary if messages are needed down the line, but not everyone is aware of solutions. According to Kim Dunn, a Business 2 Community contributor and email archiving specialist, IT leaders need to pay close attention to the issues of email retention. Dunn reported that it's difficult, as an expert, to understand how some could forget about the importance of email archiving and retention in light of potential traps. 

Oregon state agencies lack email retention
In Oregon, Republican Vic Gilliam was asked to share some email messages regarding a recent trip by journalists, but was unable to do so. Gilliam was unable because of Oregon's state agency policy, which only required that emails be saved for 30 days. According to Dunn, this simply isn't good enough. With email archiving solutions available and increased use of e-discovery {correct? I thought Sonian preferred eDiscovery, but not sure}, the importance of saving messages cannot be ignored. Enterprises and agencies needing to defend themselves and provide requested information should deploy email saving solutions that provide search capabilities and years' worth of storage.

Business continuity offered through email archiving
According to BizCommunity, email archiving doesn't just offer storage capabilities – it also offers business continuity. Because archiving solutions offer search capabilities that allow users to find past messages quickly and easily, they naturally speed up processes and productivity. "When users can't access this information when they need it, they can't do their jobs. Their productivity is hampered," said Dries Morris, operations director at Securicom, an IT company, according to the news source. "For business continuity, cloud-based email archiving systems must be integrated and they must give users direct access to new and archived email. It's become expected."

Email archiving solutions are advancing to become more intuitive and more secure. According to BizCommunity, new cloud-based email saving solutions boast excellent security. Dries Morris has no security qualms about keeping his company's confidential emails in his solution cloud-based system. In general, email archiving is becoming a necessity as more messages fly through cyberspace.

Kim Dunn insists that IT decision-makers, policy leaders and business executives work to ensure that email retention is paid its proper dues. Without adequate and secure email archiving solutions, organizations can risk lawsuits, loss of important information and even potential data breaches. As cloud computing takes off, more vendors are offering trustworthy solutions for those looking to store email messages.

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