The Key to Making Your Personal Productivity Skyrocket

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
November 29, 2012

Kat / Vertical Axion


We’ve heard it the question before, and we may have even had to consider it ourselves: “How do I get started making change that lasts?”

The fact is that change doesn’t happen overnight, and changing anything of substance can take a very long time and many failed attempts (consider smokers, for example). But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t impossible as long as you take it one step at a time. If you’re not as productive as you’d like to be, ask yourself the four questions below.

What are You Doing Now?

Well, what are you doing now? What is the habit you want to change? How do you want to change that habit? The important part of this step is knowing that you just have to accept that something isn’t the way you want it to be. Acceptance of your flaws gives you the unique opportunity to look at what you’re doing from a perspective you don’t usually take. This is the stem of change, and you can begin to make thoughtful, reasonable adjustments.

What One Thing Do You Want to Change?

I know, I know – choosing one thing to change is a bit of a drag. But you have to start small, and choosing just one thing to change is critical. It removes all ambiguity when you choose a single thing over many things. Every decision you make shapes your life, from which shirt to wear in the morning to which company to buy and merge with your own. Everything makes a difference, so figure out what kind of difference you want to make today.

How are You Going to Monitor That One Change?

Give yourself a specific amount of time to work on your change. Say you want to drop your soda habit and pick up a water habit instead. A week or two of concentrated effort should reap a reward you’re happy with. Think about those two weeks, and think about what you did each and every day to stop yourself from continuing your unwanted behavior. For a larger decision, obviously you need more time to implement the change you expect to see. The insight you collect is absolutely invaluable to future changes.

Are You Ready to Rinse and Repeat?

Once you have put significant effort into one change, it’s time to select another to work on. This is called the “repeat” step, and it’s essential in changing habits you don’t like. Like everything, change only comes with practice; and instead of practicing making perfect, we want it to make us comfortable. Once we are comfortable with our changes, they can last as long as we’d like them to last.

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