BYOD security causing rifts among employees

By VAR_Staffing
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November 28, 2012

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There are few things in the corporate world that are more important than keeping every department and employee on the same page. Having a shared goal and state of mind helps every aspects of a business run smoothly and can eliminate many hurdles.

Traditionally, IT departments have not rocked the boat too much. They have been used to manage devices, keep systems running and protect important information. However, that role has changed recently, as technology has shifted from luxury to necessity and IT personnel find themselves butting heads with members of other departments.

A recent article from CIO contributor Thor Olavsrud examined the different mindsets that IT departments and other employees find themselves on when it comes to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) security.

Workers use their own smartphones and tablets to handle anything from receiving business related emails to processing a complicated transaction. However, as the tools have become more business critical, ensuring proper security is sky rocketing up the priority list.

According to Olavsrud, there are a few issues that are causing office tension around this topic. First, is the difference in feeling how secure mobile devices actually are. Workers tend to be more cavalier and believe their smartphones and tablets are safe, while IT departments fear everything from malware to phishing. Employees are also skittish to the idea of having company-owned security protocols installed on their personal devices.

There is also a fear that IT departments have not fully grasped how pervasive BYOD policies have become.

This change in management techniques requires a different kind of IT professional to handle it. Because of this, IT Principals need to ensure they have the right resources at their disposal to handle anything that comes their way and the leading Solution Providers are positioning themselves as invaluable resources.

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