Email archiving storage and accessibility

By Sonian
In Channel
November 27, 2012

Kayla Krause / Sonian

As companies continue to use email, they're faced with the question of what to do with outdated messages. Employees are constantly sending and receiving messages with potentially important information that may be needed at a later date. Because of this, many enterprises are turning to email archiving solutions, which not only allow emails to be saved, but also position them to be easily accessed in case of emergency. According to IT News Africa, email archiving in the cloud is not just the ability to store data- It's also about continuity and on-demand access.

Although email archiving systems are good storage solutions, they're not useful unless users can access old files. "When users can’t access this information when they need it, they can’t do their jobs. Their productivity is hampered. For business continuity, cloud-based email archiving systems must be integrated and they must give users direct access to new and archived email," said Dries Morris, operations director at Securicom, according to the news source.

Email archiving providers are developing new and improved solutions to cope with the demands of enterprises, including the ability to access outdated messages, reported IT News Africa. For example, cloud search capabilities allow users to find emails in an archive easily and efficiently.

According to Kim Dunn, a contributor to Business 2 Community, large enterprises aren't the only ones that need to save and access email messages. Dunn reported that small businesses must ask themselves a number of questions to discover whether or not an email archiving solution is necessary. Businesses should have email retention policies in place to ensure that the business isn't faced with legal issues down the line. Additionally, business owners should assess exactly how important email is to business processes. Is sensitive information being sent over email? If so, an email archiving solution may be the answer.

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