Building Relationships of Integrity

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
November 27, 2012

Kat / Vertical Axion


Integrity: the quality of being honesty and having strong moral principles.

These are the kind of relationships you want to build while you’re running your business.

These are the kind of relationships in which worries about being taken advantage of or needing control subside and fade into oblivion.

These are relationships where all parties involved have the confidence to act with openness and without strings attached.

No games are played, because expectations and necessities are communicated clearly and are understood without insult.

We express, we share, we connect, without reservation and without any need to hide the things we are ashamed of.

We see this relationships here and there, and sometimes we even participate in them when we see an old friend that we still love dearly, or when we go to a restaurant that we’ve enjoyed for the past ten years. You even experience these relationships when you trust a public transportation bus to get you home after a long night of work.

Our economy would suffer greatly without these relationships, as it would be impossible to trust someone enough to allow them into your store to purchase things. We wouldn’t be able to test drive cars. We wouldn’t be able to let our neighbor come over to spend time with us playing Monopoly.

If we look closely, we can see that these relationships of integrity are not only the relationships we want to build our businesses on, but they are the ones the whole world rely on to function each and every day.

People who learn to trust others, who run small businesses despite the hardship, and who love their customers even when they may not be ideal are those who help glue everything together. They are the ones who find success in the smallest of places.

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