Anonymous leads 60 plus million cyber attacks on Israel

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November 27, 2012

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When you think about hackers, most people have an image of a tech savvy teenager who just wants to create some mild chaos – like Matthew Broderick's character trying to change his grades in the 1983 classic movie "War Games." While this is fun to think about, it is far from the reality of what today's digital shenanigans actually entail.

Cyber security is a growing requirement for many enterprises and "hacktivist" groups like Anonymous are keeping IT Principals awake at night. Currently, the infamous group is leading a hacking attack on Israel in an attempt to bring down a number of websites.

According to Israeli finance minister Yuval Steinitz, more than 60 million hacking attempts have been carried out, with most of them being unsuccessful. He added that a majority of the successful attacks have been against private websites and organizations.

A press release from Anonymous said that Israel crossed the line when it publicly threatened to cut off all communication to Gaza and that no one shuts down the internet on their watch.

Kevin Coleman, a senior fellow at Technolytics, was interviewed by the Associated Press about the attacks and what it means for the future of business.

"When you think about conflict in general, you think about borders, but the internet doesn't have borders," Coleman said. "So how do you retaliate against a loose coalition? How do you negotiate a cease-fire with Anonymous? We're at the tip of the iceberg in figuring out how to deal with virtual states and creating a new paradigm. We need to do it quickly, though. This is the warfare of the future."

It seems clear that cyber security needs to be on the minds of IT decision-makers across every industry. VARs and MSPs can help tech departments find the impactful talent needed to protect itself against the ever-evolving world of cybercrime.

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