IT departments must focus on agile tech security

By VAR_Staffing
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November 21, 2012

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Anyone who has ever been part of the Boy Scouts knows the motto, "Be Prepared." It is ingrained in every member and becomes words to live by outside of the organization. Just as you want to be ready for whatever the wilderness can dish out during a camping trip, IT departments need to have the same mind set when it comes to implementing the latest technology.

However, in a recent article for small business blog Midsize Insider, Doug Bonderud argues that IT departments also need to be able to react effectively when it comes to cyber security.

"Simply put, cyber criminals have the luxury of ignoring protocols and creating attacks designed specifically to breach new firewalls or access permissions," wrote Bonderud. "Midsize IT admins locked in to a predict-and-prevent strategy may find their feet stuck in virtual cement when what isn't expected tries to worm its way through cracks in supposedly locked doors."

According to the article, prediction isn't the best way forward. With the number of ways that hackers can access a business' information, trying to prevent everything is impossible. Many IT departments may choose to focus on a small handful of potential targets, but that can drain resources and make it difficult for react in the aftermath of an attack that hits in an unexpected way.

While it does seem like the opposite of what many would consider a best practice, it can be more effective. The ability to be agile and flexible – as well as saving resources – lets IT departments react quicker when an attack comes from an unforeseen source.

For IT Principals, cyber security is one of the fears that keeps them up at night. Having the right resources and talent that can react quickly can save any enterprise headaches down the road.

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