Female empowerment in the boardroom

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November 20, 2012

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When you think about the typical IT department, how many women come to mind? It is a sad truth that females in the tech business world are still a rarity. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 women made up 57 percent of the country's workforce but only 25 percent of positions in computing applications.

A recent article from contributor Tracy Mayor of ComputerWorld examined the reasons why women are having a hard time breaking into the technology world. In the piece, she interviewed a number of prominent female tech professionals to discover how they broke the glass ceiling and what can be done to clear the path for the next generation.

"Each time a female engineer takes the helm at a prominent technology company, the industry breathes a sigh of relief and pats itself on the back. See? Self-proclaimed 'girl geeks' like [Marissa] Mayer [from Yahoo] really can survive and thrive in IT and research," wrote Mayor.

She goes on to ask if executives should care if their IT workforce lacks females or if there is a strong return on investment – aside from the aforementioned pat on the back – to hiring, cultivating and promoting women in tech roles. The short answer is yes.

According to Sophie Vandebroek, the CTO of Xerox, a female-friendly approach gives enterprises access to a full range of talent available in IT channels. She added that without a diverse organization, there is no way to attract the best personnel.

IT Principals are staring down a number of challenges and without the proper resources, businesses can suffer. VARs and MSPs that open up their hiring policies, with the help of VAR Staffing, can ensure they are offering the most impactful talent that companies need.

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