IT Nation Podcasts: Flying Across the Oceans and Fighting a Hurricane to Get to IT Nation

By Karl_Palachuk
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November 18, 2012

karlp / Karl Palachuk

The last two podcasts from IT Nation are on a special theme and we’re going to address them more fully on Monday. But here are the next-to-last podcasts I recorded last weekend in Orlando.

You can find all of these posted at the SMB Community Blog:

The almost-final four podcasts from IT Nation:

1. Ian WatkinsMSP from the UK – Ian Watkins Traveled from the UK for IT Nation
– Ian flew over early to catch the “preday” training and then stayed for the conference. He’s been a ConnectWise user for about seven years.

2. Kent McNallQuosal – LabTech/Quosal/ConnectWise Killer Combo
– Kent talked to us about some of the cool things that are emerging from the linking for various MSP tools.

3. Alan McDonald – President of Xilocore – Interview: Alan McDonald, President of Xilocore
– Alan talked to us about the Xilocore products and how partners can make money reselling their cloud-based solutions.

4. Nancy HammervikSenior Vice President, Industry Relations at CompTIA – Wins an Award – and then Rushes to Catch IT Nation
– Nancy won a major national away and then rushed over to IT Nation. We talk about her award – and about what CompTIA is up to with Partner Education.

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