IT budget battles require smarter resources for success

By VAR_Staffing
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November 14, 2012

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With the amount of ways that new technologies can be implemented today, businesses are facing numerous investment options. Each piece of upgraded hardware or software may offer a number of benefits but the cost could outweigh the reward. This has created a battleground in the IT department between professionals who want to replace outdated systems and those who are more budget conscious and want to push the existing setup as far as possible.

This is an easy conflict to understand. While every company wants to stay profitable and productive – and technological innovations has helped spur that – smart investments are crucial. While deploying the latest gadgets, applications and solutions can be helpful, reckless spending can do far more harm than good. Instead, focusing on support may be a smarter alternative.

Matt Prigge, a contributor for InfoWorld, has a new column that examines the lessons that can be learned from a tight budgeted IT approach.

"These days, I work almost exclusively in enterprise IT environments," wrote Prigge. "For most of the usually overextended IT pros running these setups, it's difficult enough to stay on top of the operational workload born from supporting the business, so the idea of dealing with aged infrastructure gear without warranties or support is abhorrent."

Prigge added that regardless of what option companies go with, it is on the shoulders of IT Principals and their staffs to make the solution work. Skilled professionals and resources are needed to ensure the latest tablet, oldest computer and everything in between remains functional.

A trusted Solution Provider can help any organization make the most out of the option it deems appropriate for its business needs. For VARs and MSPs to stand above the crowd, VAR Staffing can offer the impactful talent that is required for IT departments to handle any challenge that comes its way.

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