Email in a digitized world

By Sonian
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November 12, 2012

Kayla Krause / Sonian

It's no secret that enterprises and organizations are turning to email as a primary form of communication, often using the medium as a replacement for traditional mail services. According to Jeff Jordan, a partner at Andreesen Horowitz and a contributor to The Atlantic, society is digitizing, changing the face of written communication. It's in this world that email archiving solutions are becoming necessary. More important information than ever is being sent and received using email.

Jordan reported that the USPS has seen substantial decreases in traditional mail as the country becomes more technologically advanced. Instead of a file cabinet full of papers and records, email archiving has come into vogue as a necessary means of storing information. Jordan wrote that he admires the USPS's efforts to ameliorate their situation in a world that is using email as a technology, suggesting that other businesses that see technology taking over should act fast to make changes and adapt.

Enterprises faced with the new burden of massive amounts of email messages and data can turn to email archiving solutions, which save money and time and allow for advanced search capabilities. The ability to find archived emails in the cloud quickly and efficiently is essential when faced with matters of eDiscovery. Businesses that have implemented email archiving solutions enjoy improved storage capabilities and search features.

According to The City Paper, archiving is often romanticized as a process of looking at old photographs and books and placing them where they belong. The truth is that with the amount of information currently circulating, archiving can be an overwhelming and laborious task. The City Paper interviewed John B. Gartrell, an archivist, who revealed how mystified he is by primary sources and the ability to house so many works in one place. Email archiving allows this same capability, except for business documents rather than historical ones.

Enterprises can turn to email archiving solutions as a way to face a digitized world that values messages sent over the internet rather than those delivered by the local letter carrier. Because emails are sent and received on computers, it's important that there's a way to store those that are important, especially as more official types of documents come into the sphere.

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