Managed Services according to Stuart Crawford

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
November 10, 2012

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Managed Services is this..

No matter how you price it, slice it or dice it, the true meaning of managed IT services is when you, the service provider, completely manage the entire infrastructure (or segment). The client turns to you for advice and guidance and nothing goes on the network, is installed on computers or is purchased without your approval and blessing. You are the trusted advisor, the outsourced IT department and have a seat at the corporate boardroom where you are the one people turn to for direction and feedback on how technology impacts corporate strategy and direction.

If you do not provide these services then you are not offering managed IT services.

Pricing doesn’t matter. Many MSPs continue to price at hourly rates, some see time blocks as an effective way to bill. Others offer blended fixed-cost services such as help desk, monitoring and remote support blended with hourly onsite visits, while some do it all for one-fixed monthly price.

Managed Services isn’t about how you price it, it is about how you serve and the level of service you provide.

A true MSP manages everything and they are the one everyone turns towards for advice and support.

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