Cloud technology effecting IT job market

By VAR_Staffing
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November 9, 2012

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One of the more important technologies that businesses are looking to deploy are cloud-based innovations. While the customer experience aspect of the solution is certainly important, it is the other side of cloud development that is causing IT Principals to struggle with proper implementation.

Cloud options can create a primary revenue stream, instead of just being an expense. That means added pressure to perform up to expectations. IT Principals have to deliver when they invest in these solutions and the need for reliable resources is increasing.

A recent survey from IDC earlier this year found that demand for cloud-related technology has surged. From 2008 to 2011 the demand spiked at more than 365 percent.  In 2012 that number is expecting an additional 90 percent bump.

The report also found that this demand for cloud developers will remain high for the next five years, with that amount of time necessary before supply catches up with demand. This will cause demand of this skill level to remain high and wages to follow suit.

Leo Casusol, the CIO of Miami-based Terremark – the cloud services division of Verizon – has put over 20 years into enterprise IT and was interviewed in a recent piece for Computer World. According to him, there are a number of differences to workflow that the cloud provides.

"You need to adopt a customer service mentality," Casusol said. "Traditional IT is not looked at as customer-friendly, especially when they're enforcing policies. Going from being [a controlling influence] to being customer-friendly requires a cultural change."

Cloud adoption is changing priorities and functions in many IT departments. Without proper resources, IT Principals can find themselves in a precarious situation. Solution Providers that are partnered with VAR Staffing can offer the top talent that companies are demanding.

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