Does Your Business REALLY Need a Website?

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
November 8, 2012

Kat / Vertical Axion


I know what most of you are thinking: “what are you talking about? This is a silly question.” Yet there are tons of professionals, from wedding photographers to insurance agents, that don’t really understand the reasons behind having a website. When they started their businesses, they just assumed they needed a website and they built one. It was just another item to check off their lists.

But what is it for you? Does it mean something to your business? Is it accomplishing anything at all? Why do you need it in the first place?

You know why you price the way you do. You know why you don’t accept returns on waterbeds. You have a reason behind every single thing. Do you have a reason behind your website?

Let’s Talk About What Your Website Isn’t

Your website isn’t really for you, which means it isn’t really for anything you could possibly want to put on it. For one, it’s not a business card – it’s bigger than that. Still, the vast majority of websites that exist fall into the business card category. These are websites that are designed to look like an ad in the Yellow Pages. There’s not much more information than the basic name, logo, and contact information. The biggest issue with this is that it only helps people that already intended to contact you, but doesn’t build any new contacts at all.

A Website is Meant for Lead Generation

The whole point of a website is to bring in new customers so you can nurture relationships with them and grow your business. If your website just lists your contact information and has no real value, then you are absolutely wasting your time, money, and space on the Internet. If you don’t make it easy for prospective buyers to connect with you (not just contact you) then people are going to find a small company they do connect with. You are not unique in your niche.

Your website should make it clear what’s for sale, why you’re better than the guy next door, and what’s in it for them. These are three things your website should always cover, because you can’t be there in front of a prospective client to discuss these things yourself. Your website has to do it for you.

Treat your website as a doorway that not only leads to your services and products, but to receiving your newsletter, free advice on your Facebook, and freebies that are valuable in your particular niche. People can’t reach out to you through a business card – but that’s what a website is for.

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