Popularity of cloud-based storage growing

By Sonian
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November 5, 2012

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Cloud-based storage services are being used by organizations as a solution to the need for space. Email archiving joins these services as it aids enterprises and government agencies. According to a recent survey conducted by TechTarget, 44 percent of respondents are currently using cloud storage services, including email archiving and backup solutions.

The survey revealed that 28 percent of respondents are using cloud-based solutions for archiving purposes, while 58 percent are using cloud computing for back up. According to TechTarget, backup is the top reason for using cloud services. Many companies that are not currently using cloud backup plan to do so within six months.

Why is the cloud so beneficial to those who want to store emails, files and other sensitive information? The cloud is not only cost-effective, but it is also searchable and frees up significant space on legacy servers. If email archiving is done in the cloud, messages can be found easily. Email archiving is a time saving solution that improves productivity while saving costs.

Cloud terminology is lacking
According to Wired, the term "cloud" is becoming insufficient for describing the technology. Because there are so many different types of cloud computing and cloud-based services, it isn't accurate to talk about "the cloud" as though it is one technology. Cloud email, archiving, file saving, business intelligence and other solutions are breaking into the market as public, private and hybrid cloud options come to fruition.

The news source compared cloud computing to actual clouds, which have a number of different types. Storm clouds, for example, differ greatly from cumulus clouds, so much so that they cause dramatically different types of weather.

Cloud storage popularity
Cloud storage is becoming so popular that mobile providers are now offering free options to iOS and Android users, according to CNET. Users can store photos, videos and other information using the free cloud capabilities. Apple's service offers 4GB of free cloud storage, for example.

Cloud use is increasing in government agencies, enterprises and other organizations around the world. As solutions become more secure, it is expected that cloud implementation will continue, particularly in the realm of cloud storage and email archiving solutions.

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