Why Windows 8 Matters to You

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
November 1, 2012

Kat / Vertical Axion


Windows 8 is definitely the new hot thing, especially since it’s so aggressively different than Windows 7 and versions previous. However, there have been a ton of media reports indicating that corporations and small businesses will not start using Windows 8 since Windows 7 is such a good, intuitive version of Windows. Change is hard, so this is to be expected – but Windows 8 is a powerhouse of important tools and it might be worth upgrading sooner rather than later.

Touch Features

So who cares about touch features when you have a good ol’ reliable mouse and keyboard? Your business absolutely should. We may have grown up using these tools, but the iPad and subsequent tablets have given birth to a generation of easy-to-use touch screen computers. We’ve started to get comfortable with the ability to simply tap something with a finger and have something happen.

Windows 8 is ALL about touch, and though it can be used without the touchscreen features, it’s a much stronger and intuitive system with those features installed. It’s practical, and best of all it boosts productivity. Don’t buy it? Think about being able to effortlessly open any program at any time, and then scroll through the 40 emails that grace your inbox every morning before the program even loads. Your computer just becomes a supersized smartphone, and in fact research tells us that interactive screens such as these hold the attention of workers better than traditional screens do. This means more focus for your employees, and higher productivity rates.

Windows 8 is Alive

We told you that Windows 8 was aggressively different, and we meant it. The system is designed to be in constant motion. No longer are the days of cluttered and useless desktops. No longer are the days of a single desktop. Here are the days of every single space, on the screen and otherwise, being used to a user’s advantage. Windows 8 has tiles that can be populated with any information you’d like, from schedules to email alerts. Your computer isn’t just a computer anymore. It’s a mix between a secretary and a dashboard of important information, which any employee can use to organize themselves every morning and get the show on the road.

Don’t run out and get Windows 8 today unless you can afford it, but you should consider it when you think your office needs a productivity boost.

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