The ONLY Way to Run Your Business

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
October 30, 2012

Kat / Vertical Axion


A lot of these tips come from Anything You Want, a new book by Derek Sivers, but they’re simply too good not to take a second look at. Think about them, and see if you can apply them to your business.

Business is Not About the Cash

A business can’t run without the cash, this is true. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all about making the cash. If your heart isn’t in it, and you’re not focused on making your dreams and someone else’s dreams come true as well, then you shouldn’t be running your business. Never do anything just for the cash – you’ll often regret it.

Focus on Improvement

Starting a company is a great way to bring improvement to your own life as well as to the world. You’re bringing jobs, necessary services or products, and experience to yourself and those who work for you.

Know Where Success Comes From

Success doesn’t come from forcing your product on other people. It also doesn’t come from promoting an idea that just isn’t working for you. Instead, it comes from finding something that does work and then constantly improving and reinventing it so it’s bigger and better than the last version.

You Don’t Need Money to Start a Company

Time and time again, we hear businesses that started on less than five or ten thousand dollars and have become something huge today. People turn a couple of hundred dollars into products that everyone loves. This is particularly true with the Internet companies of today – it doesn’t take a lot of cash to start a website and get your product out there so you can start helping other people.

Don’t Be Everyone’s Everything

You can’t please everyone, even if you offered every single option for every single service you have (some people would complain about having too much choice). So don’t try to. Focus on what you’re good at and offer it to those who will be pleased with it.


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