MSP Coach Offers Free eBook On Data Backup To Share With Your Clients

By Stuart_R_Crawford
In MSP Coaching
October 28, 2012

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

Have you ever tried to speak with your clients about the benefits of cloud backup versus older tape and disk based backup solutions?

Ulistic has a free white paper that you can share with your clients.    Share with your clients by downloading here.

No business can afford to lose vital company information. Small-business owners in particular must take steps to ensure that client and vendor files, company financial data and employee records are up to date and stored in a secure location. What might damage a large enterprise could destroy a small business.

Downtime and reduced productivity usually result in lost revenue. What small-business owners need to ask themselves is “What would happen if the server crashed or a flood or fire completely destroyed everything in the building? And how could business continue during a power outage?”

All small-business owners need backup plans. Sadly, they don’t all have them. Creating and implementing a backup – and recovery – plan for a business is time well spent, considering the consequences of not having one. 

Are you having challenges selling or marketing your backup solutions?  Book a free 30 minute consultation with Ulistic and learn about the best way to position backup with your clients.  Email Ulistic today to book your 30 minute complimentary discussion.

If you would like a customized copy of this report, Ulistic will charge a small fee to brand with all your branding.

Have you purchased your MSP Backup and Disaster Recovery video yet?  Click here to order.  Watch what one San Diego Data Backup & Recovery company did with Ulistic’s Backup video.

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