Failure Can Sometimes Lead to Success

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
October 19, 2012

Kat / Vertical Axion

It’s okay, you can admit it: not every single one of your ideas turns into a brilliant success. In fact, some of us have failed time after time, and we have done it spectacularly. The thing is that you’re going to run into walls, and you’re going to run into them at alarming speeds. The trick is not to let it discourage or frighten you.

Sometimes trial and error is the only way to eventually come to a brilliant, well-polished solution. By trying and then failing miserably, over time we find our limits and the best way to make something work for us (and us alone). When you embrace failure and learn as much as you can from it, you’re secretly encouraging yourself to continue to take chances and make mistakes.

Let’s take the classic example: Edison. Where would he be if he had given up and given into his failures on the 300th try?

What if J.K. Rowling simply accepted those rejection notices instead of pushing on and finding someone to publish her book?

What about Einstein, who failed ten times every time he made half a step forward?

Some of the greatest people of our time had taken their failures, tasted them, nodded and continued to strive for the seemingly impossible.

And some people who are less cherished by the world have had the same success. Take Bea Kylene. She’s 16, and has already published a novel through shear persistence and failure, time and time again. How about Christopher Paolini, who published Eragon at the age of 15, and has one of the walls of his room plastered in harsh rejection letters?

If your idea isn’t working out, tweak and keep going. Eventually you will find the right business idea that blooms into a successful business. Eventually facing your fears and pushing on will pay off as long as you continue to stand out, be persistent, and move on from your setbacks, failures, and rejections.

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