Email archiving can limit annoyances

By Sonian
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October 19, 2012

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Although text messaging, instant messaging and video conferencing have become more common, email is still used by individuals, enterprises, government agencies and other organizations as a primary form of communication. As is the case with any system, email has its own set of issues and annoyances that users deal with, some of which can be solved with the use of email archiving software.

According to MacWorld, email users are faced with issues such as accessing and using email from multiple devices and computers, controlling and eradicating spam, slow email platforms and more. One of the ways these issues can be remedied is through the use of an email archiving system, the news source reported.

Email archiving is the ability to place months or even years' worth of old emails into a secure place where they can still be accessed. The newest trend is to keep archived emails in the cloud, where they can be easily reached at an inexpensive or virtually non-existent price. For users who are nervous about clicking delete, email archiving offers an effective solution. Many email system vendors automatically offer cloud-based archiving solutions.

If email systems are being slow, users should archive their messages into a cloud-based solution, where they can access it if needed. The news source suggested that users choose a different email client for reading archived messages. For enterprises, slow email systems mean a lack of productivity for workers. If email search is not up to date, employees could spend hours looking for for lost emails, making cloud search tools essential.

Cloud-based services are financially sound
In general, cloud-based services can help limit annoyances for users, but are also good for an organization's financial health, according to the Financial Post.  The news source reported that it's easy for enterprises to deploy cloud computing systems such as email archiving, cloud backup and storage. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are turning to "pay-as-you-use" platforms, which allow them to keep tabs on their systems as time goes on, according to the news source.

Organizations that are seeing budget cuts in IT departments can turn to cloud computing options that don't require the energy of in-house legacy servers. Services such as email archiving, business intelligence, accounting software, backup, storage, email platforms, CRM systems and ERP are all available in the cloud.

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