Email archiving can be implemented now

By Sonian
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October 16, 2012

Kayla Krause / Sonian

Email archiving allows an organization to store its emails elsewhere to free up server space and reduce the amount of time that employees spend manually deleting or sorting through emails. According to Business 2 Community, an email archiving platform allows employees to respond to requests faster, especially concerning eDiscovery. Without an archiving system, a simple inquiry can take a long time.

Although there's evidence that email archiving should be implemented sooner rather than later, it's never too late to deploy a system, according to Business 2 Community. Organizations should use email archiving solutions before they run out of storage space on their servers or need to respond to an eDiscovery request, but they're not out of time, reported the news source.

Because many users are afraid of deleting emails, email archiving offers an excellent solution. Email archiving provides extra security to users when they click delete, as they know their emails will be saved for future use, reported Business 2 Community. Additionally, email archives are not alterable. If an email is sent or received, it is saved in the archive in its original form.

Email in the cloud
Email archiving solutions are often available in the cloud, which means that all of an enterprise's stored emails do not take up room in storage servers, though they are accessible through a network. If an employee or client needs an archived email, it can be found in an organized and searchable archive.

"Cloud is the delivery of hardware and software, such as email, office applications, file storage and accounting, over the internet," said MYOB CEO Tim Reed., according to Biztech2."There are many benefits and collectively they provide a strong opportunity to increase business productivity so you have more time and money to concentrate on growth building activities, and to be more competitive locally and globally."

Email archiving solutions offer business executives, IT specialists and other employees the opportunity to enjoy more free space on their server, but other cloud-based services can increase efficiency and free up further space. According to Biztech2, it's essential that businesses make sure cloud solutions are secure, turn to cloud vendors they can trust and evaluate systems already in existence, reported the news source. Cloud BI, cloud storage and other services are being implemented in organizations around the world to improve quality while saving money.

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