Cloud technology pushing IT job creation

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October 12, 2012

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IT Principals that are trying to figure out what future technology they should start investing in need to do nothing more than step outside and look up. While the actual innovation isn't white and fluffy, cloud technology is poised to become one of the much needed business tools down the road.

The biggest bright spot for the new avenue is the potential for job creation. The tech-focused job website Dice has upwards of 3,800 cloud-related listings. Some titles that are being sought after are cloud architects, software engineers, sales, developers and system administrators.

In a new piece for InfoWorld, contributor David Linthicum examines the coming cloud push and what IT decision-makers, as well as potential employees, need to do to take advantage.

"If there's an upside to the emergence of cloud computing, it's the number of job opportunities it's creating, much like any hyped technology trend we've seen in the past," wrote Linthicum. "Cloud computing, however, is a further-reaching, more systemic change in the way we consume technology. Thus, the job growth around this change will last for many years. Perhaps it's time to take advantage."

Linthicum went on to say that because cloud technology is a rather new innovation, formal training is hard to come by, and many "self-taught successes" are out there. Resources that have knowledge in all aspects of the cloud can be hard to come by.

This highlights the thin talent pool that IT Principals are dealing with when it comes to cloud technology professionals. With many businesses looking to implement the innovation, VARs and MSPs can become valuable resources. VAR Staffing can help these Solution Providers have the talent of the future and stay competitive.

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