Windows 8 could increase IT Principals reliance on VARs

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October 11, 2012

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Over the last month, many IT Principals have been focused on Apple, and with good reason. The tech giant released the iPhone 5, iOS 6 and rumors of an upcoming iPad Mini press event are still rampant. However, another major industry player is gearing up to steal some headlines and IT decision-makers are going to need to pay attention.

October 26 will mark the release of Windows 8 to the general public. The operating system will work across multiple mobile and desktop platforms Early reviews and unanswered questions are beginning to hit the Internet.

Jared Newman, a contributor for PC World, has a new column that examines the a number of inquiries that IT Principals will not be able to answer until the system has been deployed. Some of Newman's biggest concerns are syncing devices, application availability, price points both now and six months down the road.

Jonathan Hassell of had to use the program twice, over a handful of weeks, before he started to come around to the new interface and features.

"I certainly like Windows 8 much more than I did after the first three to five days," wrote Hassell in a recent column. "This suggests that there is a pretty big barrier, obstacle or hump for people to get over when they first encounter the operating system."

If Hassell's learning curve turns out to be a widespread issue, IT Principals could find themselves dealing with frustrated employees in need of extra training. In these cases, partnering with a VAR or MSP for a project-based hiring initiative can help alleviate the burden on IT departments and ease the stress of an implementation. VAR Staffing can help Solution Providers be ready if demand for assistance grows when Windows 8 becomes available.

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