Chicago Mayor makes plea for tech talent to come to the city

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October 5, 2012

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With technology becoming increasingly valuable to businesses around the country, it is easy to see why skilled tech professionals are in high demand. IT Principals often find themselves in a dogfight for the best talent and they are not the only ones that understand the importance of bringing in the right personnel.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel made a case for what the businesses of the city can offer IT professionals. In front of 250 technology students at the University of Illinois, Emanuel and a group comprised up of a number of tech leaders from the area, highlighted the reasons Chicago has the potential to be just as important in the future of IT hiring as Silicon Valley.

Rob Rutenbar, the head of the computer science department at the university, was also interviewed for the piece by Crain's Chicago Business and said the tactics of Emanuel to increase IT talent in Chicago is a smart one, if the group makes it a consistent ploy. He expressed a need for events like this to happen early and often to ensure the students understand what the city can offer.

"There's an arms race for talent," Rutenbar said. "These are uber-geeks. This is the place where people who founded Netscape, YouTube, PayPal and Yelp."

This event highlights the push to find reliable technology personnel. While IT Principals are positioning themselves to attract the best solutions, the importance of doing so has reached outside the IT department. Emanuel's visit cements this point and VARs and MSPs should take notice and do everything possible to become a go to resource. VAR Staffing can assist solution providers with securing the very top talent that separates them from their competition.

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