Managing relationship tensions tough task for IT Principals

By VAR_Staffing
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October 3, 2012

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Dysfunctional relationships make for great entertainment. It has been a staple of buddy cop movies like Lethal Weapon for decades and can be found on nearly every reality TV show. While it is funny to watch Mel Gibson and Danny Glover butt heads, it isn't a scene that IT Principals want to see play out in their technology departments.

A differing in opinion is unavoidable and at times it can lead to smart innovation. Successful collaboration often happens when separate viewpoints, experiences and skill sets merge into something bigger. However, with the ever-evolving nature of business technology, new avenues are constantly being created and without solid teamwork, properly implementing the latest devices or strategies can be nearly impossible.

"In large technology departments, dysfunctional relationships breed like mushrooms in a dank basement," writes Dan Tynan, a contributor for CIO Magazine. "Why can't they all just get along? In many cases it's the tension between conflicting demands on the same systems."

Tynan goes on to highlight a number of relationships that can cause major headaches. Junior versus senior team members, development teams facing off with operations teams and tech departments against everyone else, are common battles that are seen in every company. Having the right personnel in place that is willing to be flexible ease the inevitable challenges.

IT Principals need to be able to wade through an expanding number of points of viewpoints. VARs and MSPs are becoming reliable resources for IT decision-makers that need to be able to quickly answer challenges. VAR Staffing can offer Solution Providers the most impactful talent to stand above the crowd.

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