Removing the negative feel of outsourcing

By VAR_Staffing
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October 2, 2012

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With a presidential election right around the corner, it would be difficult to not follow some aspect of politics in recent months. There is one term that both sides of the political spectrum have been throwing around with a predominantly negative connotation – outsourcing. While the candidates use it to refer to the American versus Chinese or Indian jobs, there is much more to the concept than just getting someone overseas to perform a task more cheaply than it can be done stateside.

A recent report from CNN examined outsourcing and asked what's wrong with the business practice. They cited a London School of Economics and Political Science study that reviewed 58 American industries between 2000 and 2007 and found that outsourcing is increasing the domestic job market. The reason behind that is simple – businesses that can save money and resources in one avenue, can use it in another to help improve growth potential, thus creating more jobs.

Choosing the right resources for outsourcing is important. The blog for Horses and Sources, a technology research firm, has a recent post examining the results of their latest study. According to the report, only 43 percent of non-U.S. staff fully understand the innovation, initiative and culture surrounding their business, versus 88 percent of local staff.

Many IT Principals are dealing with whether or not to outsource any number of practices and skills that they do not have access to in-house. Finding resources that IT decision-makers can rely on is easier said than done.

With the technology industry evolving frequently, it is becoming more important for IT Principals to have reliable talent. VARs and MSPs that are paired with VAR Staffing can offer impactful solutions for IT departments.

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