Colin Powell talks importance of keeping up with technology

By VAR_Staffing
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September 24, 2012

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The technological revolution is here and companies that are embracing it are finding themselves ahead of the competition. Social media, smartphones, tablets and high-speed wireless internet are becoming second nature to many companies and those IT Principals that do not take these innovations seriously can be in trouble. This argument was the focal point of former Secretary of State Colin Powell's address to the Dreamforce '12 conference.

The gathering was designed to highlight the "social enterprise" and look at the effects of cloud computing and social media on businesses and how they can benefit companies of any size. Powell focused his speech on the "information evolution" and joked that he was born in an analog era and is still trying to catch up to the digital world.

The former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff went on to say that it is the responsibility of companies to stay ahead of technology because it will not keep up with them.

"The potential is there, but you have to have leaders who are comfortable with the technology and not terrified," Powell said to the Dreamforce '12 crowd. "These leaders won't be able to stop it. You can't stop it. Vladimir Putin can't stop it and the Middle East leaders can't stop it."

This is a strong declaration that falls directly on the shoulders of IT Principles. Rising up to meet this call to action can be a challenge, especially without the proper resources to lean on for support. Fortunately, VARs and MSPs can be invaluable resources for any IT decision-maker. Solution providers that have partnered with VAR Staffing can find themselves leading the charge to make evolving technology an easy integration.

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