Skills gap set to widen in next eight years

By VAR_Staffing
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September 21, 2012

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As new technology makes its way into many businesses – like the iPhone 5, which Apple released today – IT departments are dealing with the best ways to incorporate these devices and programs. With such quick innovation, however, IT Principals are facing the challenge of not having the talent capable to fully integrate these ideas.

The skills gap isn't only affected by the growing dependence on technology. According to Richard Dobbs and Anu Madgavkar – executives at McKinsey Global Institute – by 2020, the global workforce will shrink by nearly one third of its current size. This drop can be attributed to the aging workforce starting to retire and a decline in birthrates leading to less workers able to replace them.

"There are growing mismatches between skills that employers demand and skills available in the labour market," writes Dobbs and Madgavkar. "For the past three decades, technological advances and business process improvements have reduced demand for low-skill labor in advanced economies. Yet, even in a soft job market, employers in the U.S. and Europe say they can't find enough high-skill workers to fill some open positions."

They went on to say that the stunt in growth might not be limited to the job landscape. Income inequality will deepen, public budgets will be under greater stress and some countries could see their advanced living standards cease altogether. The authors also pointed out that the United States is in a good place because of their "relatively young and fast-growing population."

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