IT Principals evolving to handle more with less

By VAR_Staffing
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September 19, 2012

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Take a second to think about the technological innovation that has been seen over the last 10 years. Smartphones, tablets, wireless networking and cloud computing are just a few of the gadgets and programs that have become commonplace in the workforce. IT Principals are dealing with ever-evolving challenges and doing so without larger budgets or an increase in headcount and are relying on solution providers to stay competitive.

A recent article from the IT research firm Gartner, focuses on what it calls a "decade of devaluation in IT." According to the company's CIO survey of the last 10 years, IT budgets have essentially remained flat over that time despite the ramping up of technology in the workplace. This has lead to training programs getting cut, lower project performances and creative solutions being sought after.

Mark McDonald, the author of the piece, said that CIOs have met this challenge by making IT more efficient. He goes on to say that IT Principals are not to blame as they have responded to the challenge and are playing the hand they have been dealt. Technology will be a key component to business growth in the future.

Eric Stack, a contributor for IT Knowledge Exchange, examined the Gartner study in a recent article. He concluded that IT Principals have found a key resource in solution providers.

"The point is that VARs and MSPs have talent that customers need in this environment of flat budgets and thin IT staffs," wrote Stack. "Ten years of IT devaluation have left your calling base with an expertise deficit, one that you can fill."

IT Principals have been relying on VARs and MSPs for impactful talent for both permanent placement and project-based staffing. Solution providers that are partnered with VAR Staffing can stand above the crowd and become a go to resource for companies looking to stay competitive.

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