Gen Y employees seek IT jobs but lack needed skills

By VAR_Staffing
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September 12, 2012

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There is a strange catch-22 developing in the IT hiring landscape. Many IT Principals are looking at Generation Y to fill tech jobs because of their comfort level working with technology, but, decision-makers also require candidates to have experience within the field before offering them accepting a position. Because of this, CIOs need to rely on progressive Solution Providers to answer these new challenges.

Susan Adams has a new article for Forbes about the desire for younger employees in the IT industry. She interviewed a number of IT decision-makers including Jeanna Beliveau-Dunn, the vice president and general manager of Cisco's training and recruitment center.

"Dunn makes a compelling case about the numbers of jobs in this field that are open right now, and the dire need for young people to get trained for I.T. careers," wrote Adams. "She predicts that at least 1 million workers will be hired over the next six years in Cisco-related networking jobs."

Adams received similar sentiments from other IT Principals she spoke with, as well as comments on the growing skills gap that is making staffing decisions more difficult. SWC Technology Partners president Bob Knott said there is a shortage of skilled workers across the board, not just with the younger employees.

Adams concludes that young employees who look into certifications, acquire new technology skills and stick with the industry can find themselves in a lucrative position down the road. IT is a growing field and one that is starting to impact multiple industries, including some that had never been technology heavy in the past. IT Principals will need to turn to reliable VARs to bring in the impactful talent needed to implement new strategies and solutions.

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