Integrating multiple security avenues key to remaining safe

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September 6, 2012

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On September 12, Apple is rumored to be unveiling the new iPhone, an announcement that is sure to impact the growing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trends currently seen in the corporate world. As BYOD policies and big data strategies become more prevalent in the workplace, they also increase the number of security touchpoints IT Principals need to be concerned with. The multiple strategies needed to keep networks, devices and information safe are forcing IT decision-makers to have reliable and fast-acting resources.

"No matter what devices you use, you can be sure of one thing: The bad guys are out to get you," Preston Gralla wrote in a recent ComputerWorld article. "There's a lot of malware out there, and it's targeting almost every operating system available. That means you – and your family – need multi-device protection."

While Gralla's sentiments may be a little over the top, the point that there are dangers out there for multiple devices and if they become compromised it can be disastrous – is a valid concern. Malware in a smartphone can spread to other mobile devices, computers and networks if proper security measures are not in place.

Kim Nash, a contributor for CIO Magazine, has a new article that examines the importance of integrating physical and information security. While these two entities are essentially doing the same thing – protecting the company – many businesses have them as separate programs, according to Nash.

The news source also interviewed Jonathan Ross, the CEO of Austin Recovery – a rehabilitation center that recently completed that kind of integration. Ross said that combining systems is the first step towards assessing overall risks, however, the plan can be met with pushback without a solid plan and strong leadership.

Because of technological advances, IT Principals need to consider many new challenges to security. Relying on VARs and Integrators that are partnered with VAR Staffing can ensure impactful talent is on the ready when companies need them.

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